HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS—Sleep, Friends and Lots of Leftovers

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Our favorite thing about the holiday season is going home to spend time with our family and friends. The agenda doesn’t have to include some over-the-top plans or tropical destination. We plan on spending our break lounging with our loved ones, with a cup of cocoa in hand and layered in our favorite pieces.

And just because comfortable and casual are the names of the game, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. Aerie is our go-to shopping destination for REAL holiday wear that speaks to you. Whether you are mad for plaid or obsessed with winter neutrals, their holiday collection is as amazing as you are!

Want to know how our Style Gurus are keeping it REAL this holiday season? Check out their picks from Aerie and how they plan on spending their holiday breaks. Be sure to join the conversation and let us know what makes you #AerieREAL as you head home for the holidays!


Check out Masoma and her home for the holidays story!

CollegeFashionista: What are your holiday break plans?

Masoma Imasogie: My holiday break plans include a bunch of family, too much food (and leftovers), a ton of laughs and everyone talking at once, hopefully a LOT OF SLEEP and simply bumming it out with my family and friends. It doesn’t sound too glamorous but I think its the best way to spend the holidays!

CF: Who are you most excited to see and why?

MI: I am most excited to see my family and friends from home all together. I think the holidays get even more exciting when you go off to school because coming back home, sleeping in your old bed and just having all that familiarity around you is one of the best feelings to me. There is always a period of time, maybe a week, when all the cousins and friends start piling into the house sporadically from there perspective universities and everything just feels right. We are all maturing and pursuing different paths but for a period of time, everything feels like ‘back to normal’ and everyone is happy—that is what I am most excited to see!