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What Do You Wish You Knew as a Freshman?

What Do You Wish You Knew as a Freshman?

As the school year comes to a close, it is time to start reflecting and looking back on everything we have learned, and we’re not just talking about finals prep. From semester to semester, we grow and learn so much just by experiencing all the opportunities, challenges, and “newness” that college offers us.

It is natural to start off freshman year with preconceived notions of how the next four years should pan out. It is easy to get wrapped up (aka stress out about) all these new things. But given that we are constantly learning and evolving, we often forget how far we actually have come.

As you prepare for finals and start to reflect on this semester, take some time to reflect on your larger college experience. What did you wish you would have known as that bright-eyed freshman? We asked some real college students to share their own little notes to their freshman self in hopes of inspiring you to do the same (and perhaps to better prepare all you rising freshman for the great unknown ahead of you).

“Dear Freshman Self…”

Valerie Cammack

“…Don’t worry about having everything planned or trying to have your college experience match the picture perfect experience you see in movies. Most likely, you will make your best friends when you’re not expecting it; so put yourself out there and don’t be afraid of meeting new people!”

(photo via @valeriecammack)

Jordan Miller

“…Don’t take any minute of these years for granted, because they’re going to go by way too fast. Cherish every second. You’ll miss these days even before they’re over.”

(photo via @jordannnleee)

Norah Murphy

“…Be outgoing and try not to let freshman nerves get to you. Starting college off with some friends makes it so much easier.”

(photo via @norahmurphy)

Megan Sharp

“…People care significantly less about what you’re doing or wearing than you think.”

(photo via @n_agem)

Sahana Holla

“…Balancing a full plate and maintaining your sanity and relationships is hard, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Take every day one at a time and breath often.”

(photo via @holla4sahana)

What would be your advice to your freshman self? Tell us in the comments below! Or better yet, share it on social media!