Dear Incoming Freshman, You Need To Read This

Going to college can be a hard time for students. For some incoming students, it’s their first time really away from home—for others, the amount of responsibility they now have is overwhelming. Many students have always hung out with friends from childhood, which can make it hard to adjust and find new friends. These are just a few common possibilities that can make adapting to college life hard.

College Life

1—Time management. The amount of responsibility that comes with attending university is obvious, but never obvious enough. High school kind of prepared you. In college, when you’re not in class or at work, your time is yours and what you do with it is up to you. That means you can use your time wisely and be productive (not just with your classes, a social life counts too) or not. Planners and calendars will become your best friend in college, and possibly for the rest of your life. If you don’t want to buy a planner, you can use the calendar app on your phone. Either way, you have the ability to plan your day to the minute (though it may not follow exactly) and really maximize your time. If you want to leave yourself some free time, you can always just schedule the big stuff like classes and appointments.

College Life

2—Approach people. Being away from home can mean different things to people. For some, they attend a university in their hometown, but the realization that they’re away from their childhood home freaks them out. Others are hundreds (or even thousands) of miles from home. It’s new, it’s weird, and it’s uncomfortable. However, now’s the perfect time to branch out and make friends. Living in a dorm gives you the opportunity to meet plenty of people, so you’re bound to have something in common with someone. Step out of your comfort zone and strike up a conversation!

3—Alone time. It’s important to realize you’re your own person and don’t constantly have to be around people. This is an important time to figure yourself out, what you can handle, and what you’re capable of. In fact, spending time by yourself is a key way in learning what makes you, you. Whether it’s studying, a workout at the gym, a trip to the dining hall, or reading in your room—it’s important to know how to be comfortable alone. In college, you realize people won’t always be around (which isn’t necessarily bad); if you’re used to being around people 24/7, it can be strange. This is a perfect time for some self-reflecting to learn who you are.

College Life

In times of stress, it’s important to remember; you’ve got this. You have the grades, the drive, and everything else you need to be there; you just need to prove it to yourself. After all, you’re your biggest critic and your biggest fan.

What are some ways you relax in times of school-related stress? Share your tips in the comments below!