Add Color to Your Wardrobe This Summer

I have always loved fashion and beauty and I can remember watching runway shows and reading fashion magazines at a young age. I am also interested in a lot of things related to the arts: fashion, graphic design, architecture, makeup, and photography, so expect those kinds of posts from me on here. I believe that people express themselves through their style. In my eyes, everyone has their own unique style and it depends on how they rock it.

In this outfit, I am rocking a pink denim jacket, with a top I got from Forever 21 (similar) and denim pants from H&M. Before adding this jacket to my wardrobe, I felt drawn to it. I first saw it on a model wearing a higher end brand and searched for it everywhere until I found that it went on sale! I love this jacket because you can pair it with florals and other patterns for the spring without looking like too much.

After going through a period of minimalism. I noticed that I had filled my wardrobe with only black and white items. The funny thing is that I realized this the day I could not find my favorite black blouse in a pile of laundry filled with all my black clothing! From that day on, I promised myself that I was going to add more color to my wardrobe. For this outfit, I added heeled sandals for a more chic look, you can also swap these sandals out for sneakers if that’s your style.

Pink has always been one of my favorite colors and when I started adding color to my wardrobe, I started with the color pink. Luckily, blushes and pinks are a trendy color for the spring! If you are like me and you are in love with neutrals and would love to add more color to your wardrobe, now is the best time because the brightest colors are in trend right now. I would suggest adding your favorite color first!

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