Why Accessories Seal the Deal

Why Accessories Seal the Deal

Accessories are like the cherry on top of a hot fudge sundae. The sundae is fine without the cherry, but after adding that little detail, it cannot get any better. Accessories are more than just an object, they are a lifestyle. Opening your eyes to the world of accessories will spark a whole new outlook in showing your inner Fashionista. Accessories are a must, they add spice and dimension to an outfit in a way that nothing else can. This Fashionista has the world of accessories wrapped around her finger.

Anyone can stare at a person’s outfit, but what really catches the eye is the statement of a well put-together look. Accessories prove that you took the time to perfect your outfit and you take pride in what you are wearing. Her statement pieces flow together perfectly to give us this flawless summer look.

There is nothing more simple than a monogram necklace. For ages, Fashionistas have rocked their monogram on almost any item you could think of. For me, a necklace is all you need. Monogram chain necklaces can be worn with almost anything because it adds a touch of elegance that every preppy Fashionista needs! Kendra Scott earrings were the perfect pair for the timeless look that she is going for. The gold rim of the earrings flows with the necklace and allows for a pop of color to be added. The cream coloring of the earrings offsets the white in her shirt and pants but ties nicely with the shoe choice.

To complete the look on top, this Fashionista added an accessory that knocked it out of the park. My favorite part of this look is the bold sunglasses. These full-mirrored sunglasses add the perfect amount of drama to the otherwise classy look. This Fashionista is showing us just how attitude can change the look!

Now that we have the accessories up top covered, we can head down! This Fashionista paired her simple jewelry and her bold sunglasses with a stack of Alex and Ani bangles. The subtle mix of gold and silver allow for a broadened color palette for the rest of the outfit. Knowing when enough is enough is important when accessorizing. Sometimes, bracelets can be overdone and can actually draw too much attention away from the overall aesthetic of the outfit. Take notes from this Fashionista—she has it perfected! Lastly, she added a gold and brown watch along with a delicate light blue ring. 

To finish it up we have shoes! Who would have thought that a simple bow detailing could tie everything together so perfectly? This Fashionista definitely has it all together.

It all started with white jeans and an oversized off-the-shoulder top. This Fashionista has transformed this basic look into something worth talking about—all thanks to the finishing touch.

In what ways do you turn an under-rated outfit into a show-stopper? Let me know in the comments below!