7 Reasons Why You Should Try Short Hair

When I tried short hair, I felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders (both literally and figuratively). I always hid behind my long hair; it was like my safety blanket.

When I first discussed cutting my hair short with my friends, many of them expressed concern that boys wouldn’t find me attractive with shorter hair. Some people applauded my bravery for cutting off my hair and said they would never be able to pull it off. But you can and should try short hair. If you’re happy with short hair, then no one else’s opinion should matter. Feel free to redefine societal beauty standards! Here are some perks of having short hair.

1—It’s a liberating experience. I feel like an entirely new person. Short hair gave me confidence and a more professional, polished look. I even feel more feminine with shorter hair. Short hair can be more flattering than long hair as it brings more attention to your facial features. It’s a great way to change up your look. If you’re thinking about experimenting with short hair, a long bob or “lob” is a great starting point.

2—It’s low-maintenance. With my long hair, I was either straightening it or curling it every morning. Now I can embrace my hair’s natural texture. I wake up, tousle and scrunch my naturally curly hair, and maybe add some product to define my curls. Sea salt spray is an easy way to get that beach wave look. Short hair also air-dries incredibly fast. This means I can sleep in longer since I can get ready faster with less styling time.

3—It’s convenient. I never carry hair ties anymore because my hair is always off the back of my neck. I can go to the gym or dance practice without worrying about my hair. It also helps during the summer to combat the heat.

4—It’s fun. Hair flips and dancing with short hair are some of the best feelings. Lighter locks naturally give your hair better bounce and movement.

5—It’s healthier. Say hello to healthy hair. The ends of my long hair were damaged and my hair was always tangled; it looked dry and weighed down. Now, my hair is always voluminous and shiny.

6—It’s cost-effective. Save money by using fewer hair products such as shampoo and conditioner. Getting your hair colored or cut will also cost less with short hair, although you will have to take more frequent visits to the salon if you want to maintain the length of your hair.

7—It’s always in style.There’s something very timeless about short hair that has been embraced by women from the 1920s to today. Just check out these vintage Hawaiian tourism posters pictured below that show the timeless hairstyles of a bygone era.

Summer is the best time to experiment with short hair. Have you tried short hair? Let me know about your experience in the comments below!