6 Ways to Wear a Necktie

July 27th, 2017 at 2:00am

Neckties have recently made a huge comeback in style and I absolutely cannot get enough of them. They’re great for work, the beach or even when you’re lounging around the house. If you have watched Gossip Girl, you may know that Serena Van Der Woodsen, played by Blake Lively, was a huge fan of neckties. Blake is a major fashion icon in the show and off the show—who doesn’t love her style? You can wear neckties during any season and I’ll show you how! 


1—Around the neck. This one’s a given and the most popular. I adore wearing them to work and I’ve received an extended amount of compliments while wearing one. They’re super fun when wearing a simple shirt, it’s an easy way to jazz up an outfit. 

2—As a hair tie. My second favorite way to rock the accessory. It’s a fabulous look while you’re out running errands or heading to the beach on a hot summer day. It’s a nice touch to add to your style when you want your hair up.

3—Headband. I’ve seen this as a trend for a little while now, the headband that ties at the side or front of your head. This is also a great look for when you’re off to soak up some sun. When you’re studying for exams, just quickly tie it around your head to get the hair out of your face.

4—Around a hat. Another one of my absolute favorites. I was packing for a vacation and I just picked up a black fedora and a necktie so that I could pack them in my suitcase. Suddenly I thought how the tie would be cute around the hat to make it more interesting. It was adorable. I remember I immediately posted a picture on my Snapchat story because I was proud of my creation. Anyways, just wrap it around the front and tie it in the back. 

5—Purse embellishment. If you walk into the Nordstrom’s purse department, you’ll find some brands that designed their purses with ties such as Kate Spade. It’s a simple and creative way to dress up an accessory. Let’s say you have this remarkable off-white, Tory Burch tote, you can add a hot pink necktie to it to make it more summery or add one that has a mixture of fall colors like browns and burgundy and voila! That purse can pull off any season.


6—Shoe enhancement. I can’t get enough of this idea. I have two different ways that you can do this. One, wrap it around the strap of the shoe. Two, wrap it around the strap as well as your foot then tie it on the side.


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