6 Ways To Celebrate Friendsgiving In College

November 15th, 2022 at 2:00pm

With winter right around the corner, I can feel the holiday anxiety building among the masses. Especially for college students, it can feel like midterms are the catalyst for a new season of family gatherings, trips back home, and what feels like a million assignments a week. While I love to decompress with a pumpkin spice candle and some relaxing tunes, nothing beats hanging out with best friends, especially for Friendsgiving. 

Hosting a Friendsgiving is the perfect excuse to gather in gratitude for each other and make some extra college memories. Whether you’re in a dorm or your first apartment, College Fashionista has listed 6 Friendsgiving ideas that are sure to elevate your holiday season.

Take-Out Potluck

Who needs (or wants) to cook a turkey when you’re only feeding a couple close friends? As a pretty mediocre chef myself, the idea of cooking a full course is daunting. Instead, try a take-out potluck! Assign each of your guests to bring either an appetizer, main course, side dish, dessert, or drink flight. The only twist: it has to be fast food or takeout. See what crazy dinner combinations you come up with!

DIY Cocktail/Mocktail Evening

If you aren’t much of a potluck person, not to fear. To spice up a typical fall happy hour, invite your guests to each come up with a unique cocktail/mocktail recipe. You could even theme each drink, or give your guests a prompt to inspire their creations. Serve in different, fun glasses and test each others’ mixing skills!

Charcuterie Night

I think we’re all charcuterie stans. Charcuteries are easy to create and are completely customizable for any event or holiday. You could make one big Friendsgiving charcuterie spread, have each guest bring a special addition to the board, or invite them to bring their own! Similar to the take-out potluck, you can always assign each person to a different dinner course. After all, it’s your celebration! Make your own rules.

Hot Pot

I grew up eating hot pot at New Year’s, and I know a lot of folks that like to incorporate this incredibly social (and delicious!) dish into their Thanksgiving. If you are up for a bit more of a challenge, give Chinese Hot Pot a try! Essentially, the “hot pot” is a big pot of soup stock in the center of the table. You can organize your own spread of thinly sliced meats, veggies, mushrooms, and seafood to cook in the broth with long chopsticks.

Brunch it Out

If you’re still recovering from last night’s festivities, a homemade brunch is never a bad idea. Grab the orange juice, set up a cozy floor picnic, whip out that dusty waffle-maker and pumpkin flavoring, and go to town. You can even host an amateur latte-art competition with that espresso machine you’ve used twice. Gilmore Girls makes an excellent mimosa companion, too!

Candle-lit Painting Session

This is for all of my artsy friends out there. Light a couple of warmly scented candles and reach for your acrylic paints. The last time my friends and I had a late-night painting session, we turned down the lights and passed our canvases around every five minutes. You’ll end up with some pretty odd creations, but what’s more Friendsgiving than that?

This time of year can feel like an absolute trainwreck. No matter how you choose to celebrate this holiday season, remember to express gratitude for yourself and protect your peace. Celebration is more than gathering with friends and family, it’s loving where you came from and where you are going!

Featured Image via @hannahhopemathews. Design via Her Campus Media/Francesca Grima of Unsplash.