6 Steps to the Perfect Summer Shot That Will Match Any Feed

6 Steps to the Perfect Summer Shot That Will Match Any Feed

To force the thought of back-to-school on you or not? Hmm… nope, let’s push it off until September along with those summer assignments. For many of us college girls, fall is drawing nearer which means we must make the most of our time, money, and Instagram feeds. The first three steps tell you what you need to do as the model and the last three explain what to do behind the scenes. Let’s get this perfect summer shot!

1—The bikini shot.

This is the classic. Whether you’re away on a holiday or chilling by the pool, the bikini picture is essential to owning your space and your summer feed. It says “Hello summer I have arrived!” Make sure you know your angles with this shot. Turn your chin to find your light (usually toward the sun in this case) and if preferred, adjust your body so that any insecurities fade to black, i.e. the shadows.

2—The food shot. So, how exactly does food “find its light?” Simple, you put it there silly! Placement is everything. Yes, the napkins at the fill-in-the-blank restaurant look fancy but will they make the shot look too busy? Make sure the food looks appetizing and get the perfect flat lay by hovering a good two feet above your subject.

3—The beauty shot.

Again, find your light. Your entire body doesn’t have to turn towards the sun but your chin always should. From here, let your radiant confidence do the rest.

4—The I’m not sure, just aesthetically pleasing shot. Yeah, I have nothing to say, it’s just aesthetics. No, seriously, a sucky caption can ruin your shot but just the right amount of corny caption can set it off.

5—The summer shot with a dash of filter. Can we leave the whole “no filter” hype in 2016 and allow ourselves to be the Kobe of VSCO? Three quick tips: decide if the picture is about the highlights or the shadows and enhance accordingly, make sure this photo matches the warm or cool tones of your feed, and remember the vintage film look is in, so don’t be afraid to add a little grain.

6—The “OMG” I love this photo but I can’t post it because my theme is light at the moment shot. If the picture is too dark for your light feed and turning the exposure up only washes everything out, try adding a nice fade. This won’t, of course, make the picture light but it’ll be less of a contrast against your light feed.

Were you able to conjure up the perfect summer shot? Don’t forget to tag us at @CFashionista in your next photo so we can fall in love with your feed!