6 Brands That are Destined to be the Next Mansur Gavriel

6 Brands That are Destined to be the Next Mansur Gavriel

Here’s a few totally unsolicited fun facts about me:

1—I may or may not have a handbag obsession

2—I spend an embarrassing amount of time online “browsing” (and inevitably shopping)

3—I have an uncanny ability to predict the next “it” bag

Example: Mansur Gavriel. Not to humble brag, but I had one of their bucket bag before the social media storm and impossible waitlists were even a thing. This is not to say I am even kind of “over” my bucket bag (it is one of those rare pieces that was very much worth the hype); but I am forever looking for the next big (or little) bag to add into my rotation. Plus, I have found that being on the forefront of a brand usually saves me some coin. (Rise in demand; rise in price. That’s math or econ or something.)

One part trend forecasting, one part a look into my browser history, here are six bags and designers that I am predicting the same Mansur Gavriel-level frenzy over. Snag one before they’re everywhere and the waitlists ensue (and prices go up)!

1—Ornella Round Wood Clutch ($180)

2—Elleme Raisin Bag ($525)

3—Simon Miller Bonsair Mini Bucket Bag ($390)

4—Building Block Smooth Leather Box Bag ($460)

5—Cult Gaia Ark Bag ($98)

6—Staud Deneuve Bag ($215)