5 Ways to Stay Inspired and Productive This Summer

5 Ways to Stay Inspired and Productive This Summer

For college students, summer is the much-needed break (to take the time to swim, tan, sleep, and travel) that we desperately crave all year long. Although having some free time can relaxation gold, two to four months of straight-up relaxing can cause many of us to hit a wall. Now, don’t get me wrong, indulging in summer is great, but it’s easy to lose inspiration and motivation. So, to make the most out of the time off, I have five tips I use to guarantee a summer I’ll never forget!

1—Make a bucket list.

Whether you’re home all summer or traveling the world, a bucket list can encourage you to try new things and make some amazing memories! “Have a beach bonfire,” “finish writing a script,” “go to a fancy dinner with friends,” and “road trip along the coast” are just a few items from my own list. I’ve also found that crossing off exciting items from my list can help in future job interviews and life experiences.

2—Be spontaneous, challenge your limits.

This can go hand-in-hand with a bucket list, but it could also mean just breaking out of your routine and learning more about yourself. Never done SoulCycle? Try it. Always wanted to write a blog but haven’t had the energy to start it? Write it. Challenging your limits is key to growing as a person, and summer is the ideal time to push yourself (and make mistakes!)


I too am guilty of being a “screen addict,” but there’s something extraordinarily pleasant about sitting on the beach and reading something not on your phone or computer. Having a paperback in your hands with a cup of coffee makes for a perfect morning—it’s a healthy way to unplug for even a couple hours a day.

4—Get outside.

Weather this nice only lasts for so long! If you’re like me and have a cold winter to anticipate, sunshine and blue skies are the best part about summer! Camping under the stars, running in the morning, or hiking at sunset are all amazing ways to free your mind and enjoy the heat. Even working by the pool can make for a more pleasurable day than working inside.

5—Surround yourself with people who inspire you.

You are the company you keep! My friends and family are constantly supporting me and making sure I challenge myself. With my role models and partners in crime by my side, it’s hard to be bored for longer than a minute. Surrounding yourself with people who have positive energy and bring out the best in you are key to staying inspired and productive all summer long.

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