5 Ways to Up Your Instagram Game

Instagram is by far my favorite form of social media. I love using it to draw inspiration from others, as well as to share my own photos. Creating a profile that is interesting, cohesive, and that stands out will attract more people to your profile. Here are just a few ways to help you up your Instagram game.

1—Find your niche. Figure out what is unique about yourself and center your Instagram around that. Personally, I like to use my account to share fashion posts of some of my favorite clothing items and accessories with my followers. In doing this, I have attracted a specific audience to my account. So, whether you like to workout, cook, play sports, or put cute outfits together, you should make your account reflect that.

2—Take good quality photos. Taking good quality photos is not as hard as it may seem. You don’t need some fancy camera to take photos on, I use my iPhone majority of the time. The most important tip for making your photos appear to be high-quality is having good lighting. Not standing in direct sunlight and avoiding flash are some of the best ways to avoid a low-quality photo.

3—Create a theme. Creating an Instagram theme should not have to be forced. My theme matches my style, which is a lot of neutral tones, white, and denim. I like using the app UNUM to plan out the order of my photos. Doing this helps me to ensure that the picture I want to post will look cohesive with my feed.


4—Learn how to edit. I am constantly changing up the editing process of my Instagram photos. The one thing that stays consistent is my use of the app VSCO. My favorite filters to use are A6, HB2, and S2. What I find works best for my theme is turning down the saturation, making the temperature more orange toned, and adding some contrast. I recommend playing around with this app to figure out what fits your personal aesthetic.


5—Post consistently. Posting two-three times a week is the best way to keep your followers engaged but not annoyed. I struggle with figuring out what I am going to post some weeks, especially once school begins. The time of the year comes when I become super busy and I am no longer on an incredible vacation where every photo is Instagram-worthy. What I have learned is to keep my posts genuine. Just snapping a picture of my shoes when I am out and about is still cute and goes with my overall aesthetic.

What is your favorite Instagram tip? Share it on social media and don’t forget to tag @CFashionista.