5 Ways to De-stress for the Summer

5 Ways to De-stress for the Summer

When you’re being thrown into stressful situations like school, work, or difficult life choices, things can get pretty hectic. Stress can do a number of terrible things to your body. This could include, health issues, acne, even social withdrawal. So unwind and start living stress-free!

1—Schedule. Even though it’s the summer, I still like to keep a planner of what I need to do or where I’m going to stay on track. It’s always a good idea to schedule out your life and stay organized in this busy world.

2—Unplug. This is a tough one. Try to go a day or more without electronics. When we aren’t attached to our electronics life seems simpler and healthier. So put your phone on airplane mode while you go out and enjoy this beautiful world!

3—Have fun. Make time for fun and do more of what you love. Personally, I love to draw and that’s my escape. Whether its art, music, or the outdoors, just give yourself some time to enjoy your favorite pastimes.

4—Animals. Pet, cuddle, or play with some animals. Although I favor puppies, there are a lot of other animals that could help as well. Relaxing and giving all of your attention to animals has been proven to be a true stress reliever.

5—Unwind. Setting time aside to relax can be difficult. Aromatherapy is a big favorite of mine. Find some of your favorite essential oils and maybe even get a diffuser for your room. One of my favorite items in my room is the diffuser and I encourage you to get one. Don’t forget to pamper yourself, getting new candles or cosmetics can really change your mood. Try a new face mask and have a night in, or maybe you’d rather have a warm cup of tea while you cozy up to a new book.

Yoga and meditation are also popular de-stressors. Overall, this big world could use a big bottle of stress-relief lotion poured over it but for now, we’re just going to have to slow down and take care of ourselves.

Let us know how you de-stress in the comments below!