5 Ways to De-stress Amidst Your Responsibilities

August 9th, 2017 at 2:00am
5 Ways to De-stress Amidst Your Responsibilities

Life has a way of throwing a lot at you at a time. Whether it’s school, work, family, or friends, the responsibilities are endless. What I have learned through the years is that you need to set aside time for yourself. Here are five easy ways to de-stress without breaking the bank.

1—Reading. It seems that most of the reading I do these days are for classes. People often ask if I am into reading, and I want to say yes, but I don’t seem to find the time amidst everything around me. Reading doesn’t have to be a big time consumption, and there isn’t one specific text you should read to get some peace of mind. I, however, prefer reading poetry and autobiographies of my favorite entertainers. I’ve found these to be the best types of books for me. Find what you enjoy!

de-stress: milk and honey by rupi kaur

2—Journaling. After reading other people’s thoughts and inspirations, it helps to write down your own. Journaling doesn’t have to be an everyday thing. For me, it helps to scribe out when I feel an intense emotion. Whether it’s anger, frustration, sadness, or happiness, getting those emotions out is a good de-stress ritual.

3—Adult coloring books. Coloring is probably the prime entertainment of most people’s childhoods. We often take it for granted how therapeutic it actually is. When bogged down with responsibilities, I often find myself thinking about the past and the carefree lifestyle I had as a child. The worries kids have are much more menial than the worries you have when you grow up. That’s why I invested in an adult coloring book, and you should too. Grab the colors and find your inner peace.

4—Photography. Photography is one of my main hobbies. I love to capture moments, make memories, and create stories to keep forever. Having something you’re passionate about is key. It becomes less work and more fun all while making your worries go away.

de-stress: polaroid

5—Music. Whether it’s listening to music, writing music, or playing music, stress can easily be reduced. Turn on the radio when you’re on a drive or play a CD. Bust out the guitar or violin you may not have played in years. Music is universal—find it or. make it You’ll be grateful you did.

What are some ways you de-stress and relax? Let me know in the comments!