5 Ways to Create a Productive Work Environment

June 18th, 2017 at 2:00am

Stress can easily build up away at school, in the office, and even at home. As human beings, we can find ourselves capable of very extreme workloads. Stress has lasting effects on the body and if we do not take control, we may end up with mental and sometimes physical health issues. In this article, I will be discussing five different ways in which the environment around us can change our mentality so that way that workload gets smaller and smaller.

1—Natural lighting. Sunlight has a very big influence on our productivity. Sunlight gives off energy that is open and clears your mind. I look for spaces with natural lighting with many windows. Experts agree that the more natural lighting we are surrounded with, the more we are motivated to complete tasks.

2—Simplicity. The mind tends to get distracted through sound and patterns. With simplicity in your environment, you are limiting the distractions around you. For instance, solid color walls, tables, and room accessories create an environment that is not distracting to a person. Simplicity helps create an open feeling which increases productivity. I like to think about a simple work environment as a clean slate. A go-to decoration for a simple environment is the use of plants. Surrounding yourself by plants gives a pop of color in your simple environment. The color green means life, energy, and growth.

3—Organization. To help stay organized, I recommend a planner/notebook and a quiet environment. As I mentioned before, as humans we become easily distracted through sounds. A quiet environment leaves you alone to your thoughts with a clear mind. The only goal with this is to have your mind solely on your work and how you can make your work better. With a notebook or a planner, it is easy to let your ideas flow onto paper. Creating to-do lists, charts, and even drawing out a certain idea will allow for you to analyze what is going on in your head.

4—The way you dress. You are more likely to accomplish something when you make yourself feel good. Dressing to get ready for the day will change the way you approach your work. Doing work dressed well has a much more positive impact on your work when compared to working in what you wore to bed last night. Putting more effort into the way you look will allow for your mind to become motivated.

5—Coffee. It is no secret that coffee will help keep you energized and alert. Whether it is iced, hot, black, or with cream and sugar, coffee is the answer to getting through a tough work load. Being alert and energized increases the drive to complete what is on your list of things to do. Make sure to grab a cup and get to work!

What are some things you do to work more productively in the space around you? Any ways you like to reduce stress when you work? Let us know in the comments below!


  • Lauren Reed

    Hi everyone! My name is Lauren. I am currently a sophomore at Ohio University. I am studying Journalism with a specialization in Strategic Communication. I also plan on minoring in Political Science. I am apart of Alpha Xi Delta, Student Senate, and the Women's Mentoring Program at OHIO as well!