5 Summer Skincare Essentials

5 Summer Skincare Essentials

I’m not sure how the weather is in other states, but Jersey weather is currently going through an identity crisis. It’s hot one day and chilly the next. Despite this, in order to prepare for the inevitable summer heat, I curated a collection of skincare products that will keep your skin looking fresh and rejuvenated this summer.

1—Micellar Cleansing Water

Micellar cleansing water, especially this one from Garnier, is amazing. It’s gentle on the skin and removes makeup (even waterproof) with ease without irritating your skin. This one is mattifying, which is perfect for those with oily skin.

2—Rose Water and Collagen Mask

I have been a longtime fan of Mario Badescu skincare and one of my favorite go-to products is the rosewater spray. I usually apply a few spritzes of the spray all over my face after I remove my makeup and before I moisturize. The aloe and rosewater infused in the spray helps soothe redness and irritation. The Super Collagen Mask is also great for preserving youthful, glowing skin.


Depending on your skin type, I would suggest this thick, cream moisturizer if you have dry, patchy skin. A gel or water-based moisturizer would be more beneficial for those with oily skin. Moisturize at least twice a day, once in the morning and before bed.

4—Collagen Face Mask

Similar to The Super Collagen Mask, anything with collagen will tighten and diminish spots for more youthful-looking skin. Almost like a time machine for skin! Also, face masks are just fun and relaxing, so go for it! You won’t be disappointed.

5—Night Mask and Eye Cream

Finally, a good night mask and eye cream to top everything off! I especially enjoy this duo from Sephora. After a long day at the beach, your skin has already been through enough. Before bedtime, apply both products to ensure your skin’s hydration for the next day.

What are your current summer skincare essentials? Please share in the comments below!