5 Popular Face Masks Trends, Tested

June 8th, 2017 at 2:00am

With every passing day, Instagram discovery pages and feeds are becoming more and more saturated with crazy new skincare masks. Due to this rising craze, this Fashionista and I decided we were going to put some of these wacky masks to the test and document the results. Off to the drugstore we went with our best skincare intuition and all the knowledge we gathered from Instagram influencers. After checking out we prepared ourselves for our five mask journey.

Mask one—As any self-proclaimed skin expert knows, it is very important to start with a clean face and clean pores. With that in mind, we decided to start with a charcoal clay bubble mask. Overall we gave this mask a nine and a half out of 10 since it was easy to apply, odorless, and had a pleasant tickling sensation. This mask was definitely the most fun since it puffed up more and more as it was worn!

Mask two—After a deep cleanse, we decided to nourish and restore our skin with a donkey milk and salmon egg-infused sheet mask. Sheet masks are normally praised for being simple to use, but we gave this sheet mask a two out of 10 rating due to the slimy application, itchy feeling while wearing it, and chemical smell. Despite claims of donkey milk being referred to as “white gold” and used by the likes of Cleopatra, we highly recommend you skip this mask.

Mask three Now that our skin was supposedly nourished and restored we decided to use a collagen hydrogel gold mask that is supposed to help improve circulation and minimize pores and fine lines. This mask was by far the most refreshing and relaxing. It also had a nice fruity smell and felt soft, silky, and cool on your skin. Despite a slippery application, we gave it a nine out of 10 (outscoring the other sheet mask by far).

Mask four—We left a mud mask as our last full face mask. This traditional style of mask boasted claims of moisturization as well as soothing and calming skin. Everything started out well with this mask since it smelled of roses and was very easy to apply, but it wasn’t necessarily soothing. The mask stung on any skin blemishes and when we accidentally got it on our under eyes. Despite manageable stinging, we gave this mask an eight out of 10 since it didn’t really calm our skin but it didn’t irritate it either.

Mask five—Lastly, we decided to treat our neglected lips to a gel lip mask. The mask claimed to smooth away lines and moisturize lips, but it was slimy and didn’t manage to stay on long enough for us to find out. Even though the lip mask smelled good we had to give it four out of 10 since it couldn’t even stay on long enough to do its job (it was also ridiculously large).

If you have any masks to recommend or decide to take the research into your own hands, don’t be afraid to comment below and share any photos with us on Instagram @Cfashionista!