5 Must-Have Pieces to Slay Your Summer Internship

5 Must-Have Pieces to Slay Your Summer Internship

While not all of us will be interning in the fashion industry this summer (hats off to those of you who are), there is no denying that we will be bringing the latest trends into whatever summer internship we may have. These five must-have pieces are sure to be seen in every Fashionista’s office this summer.

1—A blazer. Even in the summer months, the office can get a little chilly. While sweaters and long sleeve blouses look nice, a blazer tops off the perfect outfit. This stylish jacket will not only cover your arms when the air conditioning is blasting but is one of the most professional pieces that a summer intern could wear. This black blazer complements the black stripes in the blouse underneath it, but any other color could be matched with a nice blouse underneath.

2—A pop of color. Even with a setting as professional as a summer internship, there are bound to be days where a little pop of color is acceptable. Though bright tones and wacky accent colors are not always the first looks we turn to, there is nothing wrong with adding a cheerful accessory to your summer wardrobe. Brands like Michael Kors tend to design the perfect colorful bag to refresh a professional look and show off your personal style.

3—Bold dress slacks. Though business professionals tend to stick to the basic colors when it comes to dress slacks, there’s nothing better than spicing up a boring work week. A pair of decorative pants adds flair to any work outfit. Because it can be easy to fall into a pattern of wearing the same clothes to work each week, Bar III has created a line of preppy yet professional dress slacks. They can easily be paired with a neutral blouse, allowing the slacks to be the star of the show.

4—A colorful skirt. Luckily, for us ladies, we have the option to strut a vibrant dress or skirt while on the job instead of sticking to slacks. This colorful but neutral skirt is an easy piece to match with any blouse in your closet. Though the electric yellow tends to stand out from the other colors in the skirt, the navy blue is timeless and the utmost professional. As long as you keep the rest of the look basic, a colorful skirt can be just what you need to revive your office attire.

5—Heels that mean business. Nothing says “I’m here to get noticed” like a rocking pair of shoes. While most dress codes will not require their interns to wear six-inch heels, these open-toed sandals are perfect for evening functions or important days on the job. Not only are these extremely trendy right now, but they also show the perfect amount of skin for a professional atmosphere.

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