5 Makeup Products Every Oily Skin Girl Needs This Summer

I love summer; it’s my favorite season of the year. Between the warm weather and rad outfits, there’s nothing not to love… unless you have oily skin like me. The one thing I can’t stand about summer is the constant layer of oil that sits on my skin. It always seems to ruin whatever makeup I have on. Each summer I spend my days searching for the products that can take the heat. After years of searching, I’ve finally found the five best makeup items to get me through the hot and humid days.

1—Primer. Even if I’m not wearing makeup one day, a mattifying or shine control primer is always necessary. A primer will help control oil throughout the day, but will still leave your face feeling light and fresh if you’re not looking for maximum coverage.

2—BB Cream. If you want a little more coverage, a BB cream is the only way to go in the summer, at least for me. Piling on full coverage products is just asking for the sun to melt them away, so sticking with something light—and matte, of course—will keep your oil at bay and your confidence levels high.

3—Dewy concealer. Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches and embrace your natural dewiness. By using a dewy concealer, your shine looks purposeful instead of a result of constant sweating.

4—Translucent powder. Oily girls know that powder is a must during any season of the year, but especially so during the summer. Loose powder is fine if you’re only using it at home, but I like to grab a pressed powder as well to throw in my bag for touch-ups throughout the day when the oil inevitably begins to break through my makeup.

5—Setting spray. Don’t let all your hard work prepping your face for the heat go to waste. Give your face a few spritzes of a mattifying setting spray to lock in everything before you walk out the door.

Oily skin girls: what are some of your favorite summertime makeup products? Let me know in the comments below.