The 5 Keys to Internship Success

The 5 Keys to Internship Success

This summer, I chose to dive head first into the human resources world with an internship. With little to no prior experience, I was not sure what to expect. With my first month complete, I have come up with some decent expectations and qualifications that were expected of me as an intern. Here are some tricks to keep up your sleeve when coming into work every day as an intern.

1—Go above and beyond. Employees love to see interns making the most of their time in the workplace. By showing interest in what everyone else is doing, you will gain insight and connections as you go through your day. Use the other skills you observe around you to your advantage. With the help of others, your work can be amplified.

2—Offer to pick up a bigger workload than is expected of you. At the end of the day, you may be just an intern, but the company is benefiting tremendously from the help and hard work that you chose to put in. By helping others that may need help outside of your comfort zone, you are not only helping yourself but the company as a whole, which is a great attribute to have.

3—Smile at everyone. No matter who it is, acknowledge everyone. You never know what one simple smile could do for someone, and you never know how important someone you encounter may be in your future. This also shows them that you are approachable, which is always a plus.

4—Networking is key. If I have learned anything in this past month, it is to really highlight and keep the connections you make in your back pocket. Be sure to use LinkedIn as your guide. Whenever I meet someone new, I connect with them on LinkedIn. This way, it gives them a full profile to remember you by.

5—Keep your résumé on hand. Do not forget to edit your résumé as much as possible. If you get the chance, be sure to have multiple people go over your résumé. Their edits may help your résumé stand out against someone else’s. Having it on hand shows you’re prepared for whatever opportunity may come your way.

6—Dress to impress.  When picking out the perfect outfit, be sure to dress appropriate and professional. You can never go wrong with a pair of black slacks and black heels or flats. Do not forget to accessorize and show a little bit of your own personal style. My favorite accessories to add in the summer are my Kate Spade bag and some fun sunglasses. No matter what your office dress code is, you can infuse some of your style into a sleek and professional look.

What is your go-to business casual look? Let me know in the comments below!