5 Healthy Meals and Snacks That Are Quicker Than Fast Food

As a college student, you’re always on the go; never giving yourself enough time for a full face of makeup let alone breakfast. It’s convenient just to grab fast food or an overpriced pastry and call it a meal. But is that the best option? Not only do the prices add up but the food starts to weigh you down (literally).

But what’s the other option? Making every meal can be time consuming and wasteful (so many Pinterest recipe fails). However, there are ways to conveniently make food at home all while saving money and time.

These five delicious meals and snacks will have you choosing to stay in rather than go out. Plus you’ll be saving a little money too. Win-win!

1—Smoothie Bowl My favorite out of the five. Smoothie bowls make the perfect breakfast or lunch (or dessert in my case). I like this because it’s customizable. Whatever fruit you’re craving, you just throw into the blender, Magic Bullet, or whatever mixing machine your dorm or apartment has to offer.

Time: Five minutes

What you need:

-Frozen fruit (Strawberries, bananas, mango, raspberries for me)

-Almond milk

-Greek yogurt


How to:

Mix all the ingredients together and sprinkle granola on top. Decorate with fruit of your choice.

*I only use frozen fruit because the expiration date is much longer.

*If you’re using a Magic Bullet you may have to cut up your fruit.

2—Cilantro and Feta Salad

I always had a hard time finding a good spot to grab a salad while on campus. That’s when I realized I could make my own. I chose my favorite ingredients and combined them to make “my” perfect salad. I also leaned towards ingredients I could use for multiple meals. (I put feta on everything.)

Time: Five minutes

What you need:

-Lettuce, arugula, or your favorite greens

-Seasoned croutons

-Feta cheese

-Cilantro dressing

-Chicken, hardboiled egg, or your favorite proteins of choice

How to:

Cut up your lettuce and add the rest of the ingredients. Save the dressing for last.

*Occasionally I’ll buy chicken for dinner and save my leftovers to add to the salad.

3—Grilled Cheese and Turkey

Okay, so maybe this isn’t the healthiest option. But I’d like to think it’s better than putting a fast food burger in my body. Also, who doesn’t love grilled cheese? Plus add some turkey for a little protein.

Time: Eight minutes

What you need:

-Bread (Wheat as a healthier option)

-Havarti Cheese

-Sliced Turkey

-Coconut oil

How to:

Heat up the stove, butter the bread (with coconut oil), add cheese and turkey, and let the magic happen.


My favorite goes to snack is guac. If I could live off one thing, it’d be avocado and guac is everything that is right with the world. I usually bring a thing of guacamole and tortilla chips with me as I head out the door for class. Check out your local supermarket for already packaged guac; it’ll make your life that much easier.

Time: Instantly

What you need:

-Guac (Your favorite brand or homemade if you have the time)

-Tortilla chips

How to: 

Buy and consume


Another snack. If you aren’t in the mood for guac, how about hummus? Yet again, all you need are containers and plastic baggies.

Time: Instantly

What you need:

-Hummus (Yes, you can make your own and it’s even better than the store)

-Tortillas or pita

How to: 

Buy and consume or make and consume.

*If you have the extra time grill the tortilla.

*And/or make a meal out of it. I often cook rice/chicken and eat that with my hummus on tortilla.

Have I convinced you yet? If you aren’t 100 percent, try them out you might be surprised.

What are your go-to meals in college? Let me know in the comments below!