5 Haircare Products You Didn't Know You Needed

We brush it, put it in a ponytail, or simply just let it have a mind of it’s own. Even if we simply roll out of bed and run our fingers through our mane, we all do at least something to our hair each day. Yet still it seems not matter how much or little we do to our hair, we fail to achieve that perfect bounce, beach wave, or cool girl braid we see on social media.

While, yes, being blessed with naturally thick, gorgeous hair is pretty much like winning the genetic lottery, the real magic behind those enviable styles is the right product.

So even if you think your medicine cabinet can’t fit one more thing, we promise you that there are must-have products you need to make room for.

Here are our five haircare products you didn’t need know you needed but totally do.

via @juliacazares

1—Mousse. Does your hair ever fall flat throughout the day? Try adding mousse to your damp hair, particularly in your roots, before your blow dry for maximum volume.

2—Texturizing spray. Sometimes it’s hard to achieve a great braided hairstyle with thin or freshly washed hair. Quickly add some texture to your hair with a texturizing spray for more grip.

3—Hair mask. Everyone gets dead ends or dry strands at one point or another. Add a serum or a hydrating hair mask to your routine to make your locks shine.

4—Dry shampoo foam. Move over shampoo, dry foam is where it is at. This state of the art product goes from mousse to dry, clean, voluminous hair—it’s actually magic and a little freaky at first tbh.

5—Wave spray. Landlocked beach waves are totally achievable! Enhance your natural or styled curls with a wave spray to make them last all day.

Sometimes it’s fun to try new products and discover things we never thought we needed. Say goodbye to bad hair days!