5 Fun Ways to Stay Fit This Summer

August 28th, 2017 at 2:00am
5 Fun Ways to Stay Fit This Summer

It’s summer which means that you have plenty of free time to try new things, but you also want to stay in shape and break the cycle of watching Netflix on the couch all day. Here are some fun ways you can get out of the house and get a workout in without going to the gym! Grab some friends or go alone and have a blast!

1—Walking tours. Anyone who travels a lot knows that exploring a new city requires a lot of walking. Even if you’re not going on a European adventure or trip through the Amazon, most cities have some type of walking tours. Look for ones that are free and you can do at your own pace. You can even make your own! You’ll see some cool stuff and burn off the calories from all the trendy new foods you’ll find.

2—Hiking. Look up the local trails in your area and you can make a whole day out of your hiking adventure. This is something you’re probably going to want to do with friends because it’s much more fun and safer to go out with other people. Don’t be scared off by long distance hikes, you can go at your own pace and bring lunch and snacks with for breaks. Make sure to bring a lot of water!

3—Swimming. No, this doesn’t mean going to the pool and taking pictures with your swan floaties for your latest Instagram post, I’m talking about actually swimming. Swimming is an excellent way to get a workout, stay cool, and soak in some sun. Just make sure to put on lots of sunscreen and be aware of your own abilities. I recommend buying tinted goggles because they’re literally sunglasses underwater. Look for bathing suits which actually allow you to swim without falling off!

4— Water sports. If you live by any type of water, water sports that involve paddling can be a great upper body workout. Discover nature, work on your tan, and take some friends along. This can be a really cool way to get to places not accessible by road and these adventures are usually very peaceful. Bring your phone along in a waterproof case and you’ll be good to go. Remember to be safe and wear lifejackets, especially if you’re not a good swimmer!

5—Biking. Want to explore but don’t feel like walking for miles? Biking is an excellent workout for your legs and can really get your heartbeat up. You’ll get to enjoy the summer air and have the flexibility to travel along roads and trails. Plus, you help save the environment by lowering carbon emissions! Bike sharing is becoming more popular in cities, so you can check out affordable options near you.

Try out any of these fun activities or have some suggestions to add to the list? Let me know in the comments below!