5 Fun Ways to Bond with Your Friends This Summer

August 1st, 2017 at 2:00am

Finals have come to an end and you’re finally free to enjoy the 93 days of summer. While week one of your break may be spent on recharging with endless hours of sleep, by week two the boredom starts to kick in. What better way to calm the summer blues than spending time with friends? So here are five ideas to make the most of those 93 days with your gal pals.

1—Have an impromptu photo shoot. In an era where having an epic Instagram can speak for your résumé, working those photography skills has never been a better idea. Grab a friend, or ten, and channel your inner Marilyn Monroe. Not only will you get to share laughs, but you’ll have tons of new options for your dorm room wall, or at least an awesome new profile picture.

2—Take a class. No, I’m not talking calculus II. Take a fun class with friends like a hip-hop dance class or your local beauty store’s contouring class. Have you ever wanted to try yoga or rock climbing? This is the summer to go for it! Take a friend and a cute water bottle and make this an active summer.

3—Girls’ night in. With the advent of “Netflix and Chill,” staying in may seem overrated, but as the temperature rises close proximity to an A.C. starts to sound better and better. Invite some friends over for binge watching and pampering. Pop on some sheet masks (this seaweed mask from Skinfood is a personal favorite) while finding out what all the Riverdale buzz is about.

4—Give each other makeovers. You’ve watched every video on baking, strobing, and highlighting; now put it to the test. Friends are the best to have around when you want to try new makeup techniques because they will instantly tell you if it’s a hit or miss. Trade tricks and tips and then hit the town with your new looks.

5—Shop for matching fashion. Let’s face it, matching charm bracelets is so middle school. It’s time to upgrade to big girl friendship gear. I’ve never known a shopping trip to be a bad idea (contrary to what my bank account says), so hit your favorite stores and find that one item you both love. Don’t worry if there’s only one left, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants proves that one shared item among friends can go a long way.

These are just five of the things I’ll be doing with my friends this summer, but I’d love to hear your suggestions. Leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite activity to do with friends is!