5 Etsy Shops That Will Make Your DIY Dreams Come True

One of the biggest trends to come up in the past year has been DIY denim jackets. More recently, Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike having been transitioning the trend from jackets to pants and from denim to leather.

While adding a few pins and patches to your clothing isn’t the hardest DIY, it can be hard finding the perfect pieces to make your look bomb. To help you out, here is a list of some of the must-shop Etsy stores for patches and pins. (Photo via @mixed.hues)

1. Radical Buttons can help you complete your girl power look with their array of patriarchy-smashing pins and patches. (Photo via @RadicalButtons)

2. If you are a TV enthusiast like me, you have to check out Heartificial. Feeling nostalgic? How about a Lizzie McGuire or Gilmore Girls pin? Need a laugh? A patch of Dwight from The Office makes a great addition to any denim wear. (Photo via @heartificialpins)

3. Hey girl, you know you want that feminist Ryan Gosling pin. Punky Pins has a wide selection of patches and pins from pop culture to feminism to cute animals to food. They also have some really cute stickers and necklaces that are perfect for accessorizing both your notebooks and yourself. (Photo via @punkypins)

4. Creepy Gals is like the manifestation of roses and girl magic in one shop. Every product is delicate in essence and is made up of perfect pink and red hues. Aside from patches and pins, that shop also has some super cool T-shirts, hats, and jewelry to fulfill your aesthetic dreams. (Photo via @creepy.gals)

5. Total Pansy makes colorful patches and pins that speak to the art babe in all of us. You can even get a rainbow pin that says “angry” (who doesn’t relate to that?). They also sell dad hates perfect for hiding that Monday morning bead head. (Photo via @shoptotalpansy)

Have you been rocking this DIY look? What are your go-to shops?  Let us know in the comments!