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5 College Students Share What's Actually in Their Bags

February 16th, 2017 at 2:00am

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous bag? Handbags, backpacks, you name it. While the bag is the prime accessory, it’s the stuff inside that does the real work.

We all have those must-have items that we cannot leave the house without (for me it’s my phone, wallet, keys, and lip gloss). Whatever the items, they help us survive long lectures, meetings, and walks across campus.

While a girl’s bag is often a source of secrecy, we asked a few Style Gurus if they would be willing to let us have a peak inside theirs.

“Since my bag changes between purses and backpacks every day, I always make sure to have my practical stuff with me no matter what. My keys, agenda, phone, and wallet are obvious musts—I make sure to keep mints, lip balm, hand cream, and headphones with me for long days on campus.” – Ally Scandolo (Photo via @allyfrancesca)

“I try and keep only necessities in my bag because it can get heavy! I always have a small snack, my planner, computer, headphones, and of course a collection of lip products!” – Valerie Cammack (Photo via @valeriecammack)

“Right now my go-to bag is this mini backpack from John Galt at Brandy Melville! Inside, I always keep my camera, phone, wallet, business cards, sunglasses, a lip product or two, and my car key! Right now the wallet that I am using is a small leather cardholder from Spectre & Co. (it’s a mens brand but I totally loved the cardholder and bought it for myself #noshame)! I also have a Delfonics pouch that I purchased from Madewell, and I just keep medicine, a phone charger, and feminine products inside of it. My sunglasses are from the brand Vonzipper, and they are my favorite because they never get stuck in my hair! My go-to lip products right now are my Nivea Kiss of Moisture Chapstick and the MAC Cosmetics lip stick in the shade ‘Twig’!” – Shannon Oteri (Photo via @oteris)

“I basically just keep the basics in my bag at all times—wallet, bag with refreshening towelettes, contact case, hair tie, powder, and at least three different types of lip stuff! You can never have enough chapstick; one time I found six in one bag.” – Baylor Cherry (Photo via @baylorantonia)

“My mother always calls my bags ‘chicken bags’ because they’re so large—I can fit a chicken inside of it. I love huge tote bags. They let me be prepared for everything! I never leave without hand lotion, mints, a hairbrush, and even a mini dry shampoo spray! I even bring a pouch around as my wallet to carry all of my cards and cash (it even fits my phone). Lastly, no girl is prepared without at least three tubes of lipstick. My boyfriend always makes fun of me, but what if I’m feeling vampy, a bright red, or a nude shade? A girl has got to be ready to take on the world!” – Tiffany Kwong (Photo via @misstiffkwong)

What’s in your bag? Do you have any items that you simply have to have at all times? Post what’s in your bag on Instagram with the tag #stylegurulove!