4 Ways to Workout Without Breaking a Sweat

4 Ways to Workout Without Breaking a Sweat

You’re busy. Running from classes, work, extracurricular activities, and internships may leave you out of breath, especially if you’re living in the city. By the time you flop down on the couch from exhaustion, the last thing on your mind is mustering up the willpower to workout. No, thank you. I’ll just eat some chips on the couch tonight and I’ll definitely go tomorrow.







Having a busy schedule can seriously wreck your fitness goals. Study after study has shown that getting in that daily sweat session benefits both your physical and mental health. Simply put, it’s important. But no matter how important it is, sometimes you just don’t have the energy or time to make it to the gym. So here are four ways to workout while you’re out and about. No workout gear needed. You can even keep your heels on.

 1—Work break squat session.Your breaks at work are about to be lit. Literally, your legs will feel the burn. When you take a break, do 10 squats in the bathroom. Add some heels, and your calves will feel it as well. Four trips to the bathroom equal 40 squats. Eventually, those squats add up.

2—Take the stairs. Trying to avoid those awkward elevator rides with that one odd intern? The elevator is not your friend. Walking up several flights of stairs will do the trick. This exercise will raise your heart rate and tone your calves and thighs.

3—Stand up! You might look ridiculous, but you’ll thank yourself later. Standing at your desk instead of sitting (even periodically) can really make a difference. Even better, brief periods of walking can triple your daily caloric burn. Instead of sitting in the break room drinking a cup of coffee, take a short walk around the office.

4—Dip on your desk. No, I am not talking about a dip for your chips. This exercise involves toning your arms with no cost to your waistline. With your back to your desk, place the palms of your hands on the surface and plant your feet firmly a few feet away. Then, merely lift yourself up and down.

Did you think I forgot about your core? Think again. Tightening your core during all of these exercises will work those abs. It’ll be bikini body season all year around. Also, drink lots of water. Yes, it may be boring, but sugary sodas and sweetened teas are an easy way to undo healthy habits. Completing these movements will give your metabolism a boost. With four simple exercises every day, you can justify eating that bowl of ice cream after a hard day at work or school.

How do you feel about working out on the job or on campus? Leave a comment below!