4 Tricks for a Summertime Glow

4 Tricks for a Summertime Glow

We’ve all heard the quote, “Beach, don’t kill my vibe.” Well, the last time I remembered, nobody ever complained about a beach. In fact, we all complain about not getting enough sun! Whether you’re a working girl, live in a cold place, or just simply can’t go to the beach often, we all want to feel that summer glow. Here are some tips and tricks that will convince anyone you’ve caught some rays. After all, nothing is better than a summer glow, right? So why not fake it ’til we make it?

1—Texturize your hair. Whether it’s the wind from the beach that messes up your hair or the salt that gives it that perfect summer wave, beach hair is a summer must. Recreate that beach look through a variety of different options. Sea salt spray or texturizing spray works great. What I did was add a lot of dry shampoo for added texture, loosely curled my hair, and then gave it a backwards comb to tease my roots and volumize my hair. A messy ‘do is a perfect way to play up on the summer trends.

2—Bronzer. Skip the sun damage and opt for bronzer. If you want sun-kissed skin but don’t want to damage your skin, apply sunscreen and then bronzer. When you think you’ve had enough bronzer, apply some more. And when you think that’s enough, apply more. Nothing is better than skin that glows! Make your body look like it’s laid for hours in the sun by adding bronzer all over your body, and then add a shimmery, lighter bronzer to your natural highlight points, such as your shoulders and collarbones. The depth and different bronzer hues will make your look more natural, yet vibrant.

3—Warm-toned makeup. To go along with your sun-kissed body, you need a sun-kissed face as well! Take that same bronzer and apply it generously on your face. The trick to a summertime look is to use a bronzer that is fluffy, light, and isn’t matte. Top it off with a glittery blush and some popping highlighter. Make sure to use sparkly eyeshadow and put in a warm-toned crease color. To top it off, skip matte lips in the summertime and go for a shiny, neutral-colored gloss instead. These browns are subtle enough to look natural, but noticeable enough to give a believable glow.

4—Beachy outfit. Although obvious, the trick to a summertime look is a simple, classic beach outfit. Skip the mesh bodysuits, fire leather jackets, or snap tracksuit pants and go for a colorful maxi or short white dress. Trends do not always have to be followed, and a flowy dress is timeless.

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