4 Tips for the Perfect Beach Day

Imagine a relaxing breeze on a hot, sunny day; your toes wiggling through sand that feels like brown sugar…The place? Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Traveling to a beach is a refreshing, relaxing experience—that is, as long as you’re prepared for it properly. Here are some tips for you to have a perfect beach day:


I know what you’re thinking. . .an umbrella? What for? It may be summer, and it may feel hot and humid, but that can change. Well, if your experience turns out anything like mine, you will wish you would have brought one, but hey, if you don’t end up needing one, it’s better safe than sorry, right? I needed one for every day of the full week that I was in Myrtle Beach—thankfully I could buy one at a nearby grocery store. Save the money, trouble, and disappointment of being poured on while walking around and buy that umbrella.




First off, yes, we all want to be tan, but burning so bad you get sun stroke is not the way to do it. You can be smart about getting tan. I have the perfect tanning oil and sunscreen that worked magic for me.
Secondly, keeping your hair looking good on the beach can be a struggle, but with the right product it doesn’t have to be. I recommend, Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Gel. It will definitely keep curls from becoming frizzy. Thirdly, still on the hair, I recommend L’Oréal Paris Volume Filler Thickening Shampoo and L’Oréal Paris Volume Filler Thickening Conditioner. I know from my experience that it can be hard to find an amazing hair product, but these products will leave your hair silky and smooth—even after washing the salt and sand out.


Here’s the deal: it will be much cheaper to buy groceries for the time you’re at the beach than to go out to eat every night. If you go grocery shopping at a store for breakfast and lunch meals, it will cut down your food expenses. You’d be surprised at how expensive meals can be, even at cheap looking restaurants. If you grocery shop for two or three meals, then split the total cost between the people you’re traveling with,. Bring a cooler to carry ice and groceries if you’re driving to a beach. . .or the leftovers.


If you bring an old blanket to sit on, it will lessen your frustration later. There is nothing worse than feeling sand everywhere from using a sandy towel. Bringing a blanket will help you have less sand on your body and will keep your towel cleaner.

After reading this, have you learned any insightful tips for your next trip to the beach? I hope the answer is yes! Let me know on social media, and tag @CFashionista.