4 Tips to Becoming a Bohemian Beach Babe

As summer is slowly approaching, we Fashionistas need to prepare for the beach trips that are accompanied by the warm weather and off time that summer brings. I myself love to go to the beach on my days off, but I am also the kind of girl that always wants to look 100 percent put together. Here are a few tips on becoming a bohemian beach babe this summer.

  1. You can hit up the beach while also rocking your hot cut-off jeans or even your favorite new off-the-shoulder top, but be sure to own it while doing so. Slide on your favorite bikini and top it off with the outfit of your choice. No one is going to question why you look so put together on the beach if you are rocking your outfit!
  2. One key to beachwear is finding a casual outfit that is also comfortable enough to rock all day while out in the sun. Make sure you keep the weather in mind when picking out your perfect beach outfit. You won’t want to show up in black pants on a blazing hot beach day.
  3. When it comes to shopping for the perfect beach outfit, it is important to find clothes that you feel comfortable in, especially to wear outside. Recently, I have been obsessing over the casual bohemian style from brands like Lucky Brand and Free People. These two brands offer a wide variety of casual, comfy, cute, and trendy clothes that are perfect for beachwear. Free People has the softest jeans and they are to die for… their jeans shorts are as well since we are talking about a summer look here. Zara is another store that has brought out some stylish off-the-shoulder tops that you might want to check out.
  4. But a beach day isn’t complete without artsy pictures… am I right? The key to a perfect beach picture has to be the background, but the outfit is definitely next in line. Be sure you don’t forget to find the best palm tree, pier, or crystal clear ocean backdrop for your last minute pictures with your friends before you end your beach day.

Do you agree with me that you can rock a hot outfit on the beach? Let me know in the comments below!