4 Colorful Spring Looks Even Color-Phobic Fashionistas Will Want Wear

Are you a color commitment-phobe? In this black-is-the-new-black era, finding a socially acceptable way to sneak color into your look can be a struggle. For some of you, sticking out like a sore thumb absolutely terrifies you, and for the rest of you, fashion is a way to speak your true colors (literally).

No matter which end of the spectrum you’re currently in, with spring on it’s way, it’s time to stumble out of hibernation and wake your wardrobe by introducing bold hues in place of your winter blues.

Stop asking yourself if your blacks match, and start coloring in your season with these four tricks.

1—OPT FOR A PRIMARY PALETTE. Build your outfit around the color theory. Red, blue, and yellow is an artist’s fool-proof color combination. Let your outfit be your art. (Photo via @kaycaden)

2—STYLE STANDOUT ACCESSORIES. Whether you’re starting from the bottom with a color-pop shoe or simply ditching the dark shades and fail-safe black leather tote, adopting a bright collection of accessories is a must this spring. (Photo via @melanycecilia)

3—PLAY WITH PATTERNS. In a sea full of neutrals, a patterned garment can go a long way. For anyone uncomfortable easing into color, patterns are the best way to integrate different shades into your everyday look. (Photo via @annmareelaban)

4—PERK UP YOUR POLISH AND POUT. When you’re ballin’ on a budget, swerve the big investment and turn to beauty products, like nail polish and lipstick, for a fun and simple way to play up your day-to-day vibrance. (Photo via @kaycaden)