3 Ways to Upcycle Denim into Dorm Room Décor

Even though spring semester in full swing, there is always time for a fresh start. For me, the smallest changes, like redecorating my dorm room or cleaning out my wardrobe, can instantly boost my productivity. But, what if there is a way to do both at the same time?

With a few old pairs of jeans (from your wardrobe or from a local thrift store), a bit of sewing glue (or a sewing machine, depending on your resources), and a creative mindset, having the cutest dorm room of the season is just a few DIYs away!

  For those of you who are short on time, making coasters out of denim pockets may be the easiest way to add an extra decoration to your space. To do this, all you will need are a pair of old jeans and some scissors. With the scissors, cut around the edge of the pocket. This also creates a small pouch that stores charging cables and earbuds perfectly!

If your walls are looking bare, say no more. For this DIY, you will need those same jeans, scissors, a stick, and a command hook! If you are interested in mixing the denim like I did, you will also need a sewing machine or sewing glue. Take the leg portion of your jeans and cut along the seam to create a rectangle of denim. Cut strips of denim about two inches longer than your desired length. Tie the denim to the stick to create the wall hanging and finish off the project by tying together two strips to hang on the command hook! For the third DIY, I used the left over fabric to create a mixed denim table runner. To create this, you will need old jeans and a sewing machine or sewing glue, once again. Cut out the desired lengths of fabric and sew or glue them together to create a seam. For an even trendier option, you can fray the edges of the denim by picking out loose threads and running the blade of the scissors against the edges. To complete the look, stack up some magazines and add a cute mug, photograph frames, or plants!

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