3 Ways to Rock Your Internship

I learned very quickly at the beginning of my freshman year that being involved and putting yourself out there does pay off. All I heard from advisers, professors, and fellow classmates was to gain experience in my field. Employers value work ethic and many believe that our generation completely lacks it. Jumping on opportunities when you find them can set you apart from the crowd and set you up for success. Coming from a small high school, I knew college would open a lot of new doors for me to explore. With writing for CollegeFashionista, interning with Curtsy, and becoming an Alex & Ani Student Ambassador, I have learned a few things about how to be professional and rock your internship.

1—Be yourself. Though it sounds cliché, this statement has guided me through all of my life. Employers want to know and understand you, not the person you think they want you to be. During interviews, don’t be shy to brag about yourself a little bit. Remember, they are trying to get to know you and want to know what you are made of. This tip has also helped me to network and meets tons of people just like myself!

2—Dress the part. Today, many workplaces are becoming more and more casual. No, this doesn’t mean you can show up in sweats, but you no longer have to wear a suit to most workplaces. Though dress codes are becoming more casual, you can still look professional. My favorite way to dress up a pair of jeans is by wearing my black leather loafers. They dress up any casual outfit and show that you are down to business. On top of just clothing, wearing simple makeup and a fresh, bold lip color can set you apart. What you wear helps other people understand you better and perceive you differently. Be sure to be proud of what you are wearing, and as I said before, stay true to yourself through your clothing.

3—Have fun. My parents have always taught me to do what you love and find a way to get paid for it. The words “job” and “work” often seem to have negative connotations. It is easier said than done, but finding a job that pays the bills and makes you happy is a win-win situation. Though what I am involved in takes up much of my free time, I am enjoying myself and that is all that matters.

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