3 Tips for a Radiant Life

July 25th, 2017 at 2:00am
3 Tips for a Radiant Life

There is no one perfect life. What I mean is that we can have a radiant life in several ways. The way we express, we move, what our skin and hair say about us, the reasons that make us do more or want more all create our lives.

I’m not going to lie, a few months ago I was such a hater, I was caught in a period of so much stress that even my skin and hair were so dry. I started gaining weight, I wasn’t feeling comfortable and obviously, I also stopped enjoying doing what I loved the most.

Thankfully, I started to have more me time and had this conversation with myself of the things I didn’t like, the ones I enjoyed the most, and all kinds of aspects that were in my hands to change and feel way better. It was like pressing my own reset button. Having a note pad to write down my thoughts and feelings was a great way to get it all out.

So the first tip is to have this chat with yourself. Ask your inner voice how she’s feeling, encourage yourself to do more of what makes you feel happy. Stress less, even if the sky is falling. Find a way to make it better, get the best out of every situation, and always, always, always, stay positive.

The second has to do more with your physical aspect. Nobody knows our bodies better than us, so, take a look to your nails, hair, skin, and your body shape.

This involves watching what we are eating. I don’t really want to get into the dieting topic because I’m not expert but watch out for what you crave, your body ends up paying the check. Also, exfoliate your skin regularly and moisturize it continuously.

Last but not least, the third tip is to go for a walk or run. I’m not a workout fan, it takes me forever to go for a quick jog or do some abs but it definitely helps to clean up your mind. I usually do it in the mornings to have a fresh new start.

Give more time or effort each day, try to be consistent so you can get used to it, and you don’t have to struggle in between the biggest decision of doing or not.

I’m going to give you some other advice that could sound cliché but they are totally worth doing.

The first is to sleep 7 hours a day. For me, it has been a little hard to follow this advice ever since I started college, but when I really get to sleep it all through I feel like a completely different person, filled up with energy and all the grumpiness goes away.

My other piece of advice is to stay hydrated. Buy a cool and stylish water bottle that can also match you outfits

How do you live a radiant life? Let us know in the comments below!