3 Summer Trends Every Girl Needs to Know

3 Summer Trends Every Girl Needs to Know

It is finally here, what we’ve all been patiently or not so patiently waiting for…summer! Which means lots of summer trends to play around with. Every summer I get so excited to see what crazy trends are going to hit the stores. This season the market did not disappoint. So if you’ve been waiting to revamp your wardrobe now is the time! There are so many popular trends right now but were going to talk about the three hottest on the market. Whether you’re more girly or have a chic casual style, I’ve got you covered this season!

First, let’s talk shoes. Who doesn’t love a great pair of shoes to throw on with just about any outfit and run out the door? I have been seeing platforms in just about every style of shoe out there. Platforms are perfect because they give you the height we all need without the physical pain of heels. For me platforms are a win-win. They go with jeans, skirts, shorts, and even dresses. I love to be super stylish and cute but also as a girl on the go I need to be comfortable!

Up next we have the denim skirt! I have been LOVING the denim trend in general but something about a denim skirt makes me so happy. Denim skirts are so versatile, they can be street chic with a pair of sneakers and a graphic T-shirt, or dressed up with platform sandals and a blouse. The options are really endless.

Lastly, we have the distressed dermuda short trend. My all time favorite trend so far this season! This is definitely a bold trend that will take time for a lot of people to get on board with but, just like the choker trend I know it is going to be big this summer. As overwhelming as they might seem they are so easy to style with a simple tank, belt, and sneakers. Distressed bermudas are the perfect trend for all of my girls out there who are into “street chic” and “off duty model” wear. Not only are they super cute but they are so comfortable and easy to wear. To me life is about being cute and stylish but also comfy and these are just that!

How do you feel about these trends—are you loving them? Leave a comment below of your favorite trend this season!