3 Steps to the Perfect Kylie Jenner-Approved Matte Lip

July 29 may have been National Lipstick Day, but to me, everyday is National Lipstick Day! Lately, matte liquid lipsticks have been trending, and thankfully, one of my favorite makeup brands, Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner, has many shades to choose from.

Kylie Jenner became notorious for her lips almost three years ago when she admitted to getting lip injections. After all the attention, I knew when she announced that she was coming out with her own lipstick line, it was going to be nothing but amazing. Although I think Kylie Lip Kits are phenomenal, some may struggle with matte lipsticks because their lips get too dry. That’s why I am here, to explain a short three step-by-step guide to getting the perfect Kylie Jenner matte lipstick look.

1—Lip scrub. Before applying a dry matte lipstick, its important to make sure your lips are completely bare from other makeup, dry and pealing skin, or other imperfections. Exfoliating will fix those problems. My favorite is Lush’s bubblegum-flavored lip scrub. It’s made out of just sugar and oils. It’s best to apply it while in the shower where your lips are extra moisturized from the shower steam. Lush has lip scrub flavors in popcorn and mint as well.

2—Lip moisturizer. After applying the lip scrub, your lips should feel silky smooth. To keep this smoothness, add a small amount of lip moisturizer right before applying the lipstick. I suggest you only apply it to one lip, then rub it in. Too much will cause the matte to not have the dry finish and could run all over your face. A little goes a long way.

3—Apply the matte liquid lipstick. Whether your lips are big like Kylie’s or thinner like mine, its important to use no more than two layers of the lipstick. The more you apply, the heavier and thicker it will feel and appear on your lips.

I have so many Kylie Lip Kits, I keep them all organized in my Kylie cosmetic bag. I pulled aside a couple of my favorites from her collection, Posie K and Moon.

Moon is described as a taupe-y nude. Moon is the perfect shade for when I am feeling edgy. I love wearing it with all-black or all-white. For my pale skin, the dark shade stands out, but for darker skin tones, it will look more of a nude shade. Posie K is described as a cool mid-tone berry. I love wearing it when I feel girly and feminine. It’s vibrant and can stand out on all skin colors. Another perk of Posie K is the matching gloss. Kylie has a handful of gloss shades, but only four of them match already existing matte lipstick shades, Posie K being one of them. After applying Posie K matte to your lips, add a little gloss to the middle of the lips and rub together. Kylie Cosmetic glosses are thick and pigmented so you only need a little for the shine to show.

Also important to note: Kylie Cosmetics is cruelty-free and vegan. She is always coming out with better formulas and different shades to satisfy her customers. Along with lip kits, Kylie has now created a line of eye shadow palettes, makeup brushes, eyeliners, and highlighters as well.

Whether you love or hate the whole Kardashian/Jenner clan… this makeup is too good to pass up. My mom is “not a fan” but keeps borrowing my lip kits!

What is your favorite Kylie Cosmetic product? Tell me in the comments below!