3 Reasons Why Wide Leg Pants Are a Must-Have

July 31st, 2017 at 2:00am

Finding pants that can both be used in casual, dressy, and professional settings is every girl’s dream. Let’s face it—what girl wants to spend hours trying on different types of pants for different occasions? Wide leg pants have come back in style. Whether it be a night on the town, a lunch date, or even your internship, here’s why I have fallen in love with wide leg pants for any occasion.

1—They’re versatile. Regardless of the event, I can wear this style anywhere. I can dress them up or down by adding my favorite jewelry or a statement purse. This look is increasingly being offered in a high-waisted style, which allows anyone wearing them to pair it with a cute crop top, bodysuit, or business top.

2—They’re loose. It’s summertime in Florida, and the temperature rarely drops below 80 degrees. So who wants to be in tight pants?  This style is great for any season, but especially summer. These pants can fit your body perfectly. They’re fitted enough to stay on without a belt, but also loose enough to not stick to you in the summer heat.

3—The options are endless. My favorite thing about wide leg pants is that the options are endless. It doesn’t just come in your standard black and white, but also different colors and styles. This style adds its own flare with each pair of pants, regardless of whether it’s a straight leg, creased, patterned, or scrunched waist.

Regardless of how you dress wide leg pants, it is a must-have essential in your closet. It’s perfect for any occasion whether it be casual, formal, or professional.

What’s your favorite go-to piece of clothing? Tell me in the comments below.