We Created The Perfect Makeup Looks for Your Valentine's Day Plans

February 6th, 2017 at 2:00am
We Created The Perfect Makeup Looks for Your Valentine's Day Plans

Valentines day: loved by some, hated by others. Whether you have plans for date night with the boyfriend or a night out with the single ladies, you want to look good and feel good to make this Valentines Day a memorable one!

Here are three makeup looks for different styles and plans so you look your best for the most important person this Valentine’s Day—you!


Just as mixing fabrics adds richness and a bit of glam to any outfit, so does playing with textures in your makeup look as well.

Eyes: This season one of the predominant eyeshadow finishes is frosty pigments. While being practically painted on, this look also includes graphic shadow trend. To achieve this look, I mixed my shadow of choice with a few drops of water to create a paste. I then used a small angled brush for precision and lined my bottom lash line and created a slight wing applying shadow from my upper lash lie to my crease.

Lips: Red lips are a classic, but unlike previous years’ big matte red lips, the red lip makeup trends of spring 2017 are a little more understated, wearable, and easier to achieve. (Yes, yes, and yes.) For the lips I used my all time favorite red, NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in the shade Cruella. This lip crayon not only is the perfect red, but it has the perfect texture that will not dry the lips, and is long lasting. The trick to achieving this look is to keep a neutral base for the face with no heavy blush and contours. This look is perfect for a night out on the town with the girls.

Neutral with a Twist

There are times when a red lip just feels out of place. In those moments look for a beautiful balance between keeping it neutral while highlighting your natural assets.

Eyes: A smokey eye is a true classic, however, the smokey eyes of this upcoming season are light, subtle, and mostly kept around the lash line. Now, the lip is the twist. I paired this light smokey eye with the ever so popular ombré lip. By going with nude tones, it creates a more subtle, wearable look.

Lips: To achieve the ombré lip, start by moisturizing your lips with your favorite lip balm. Select two colors that complement each other for a seamless look. Apply the darker shade to the outer parts of the lip and the lighter one in the center to highlight your pout. Now, blend, blend, blend, until you achieve the perfect gradient effect! This look is quite versatile, you can wear it out on a nice romantic date or a night out with the girls.

All Natural

Sometimes, achieving that perfect no makeup makeup look takes just as long as that heavy makeup for a night out. But this season we’re ditching the harsh contours and heavy smokey eyes and going for a pretty, all natural look.

Eyes: For the eyes, I incorporated two of the seasons hottest trends, using blush for both your cheeks and lids and a glossy lid. The glossy eye can be tricky because it tends to crease easily, so make sure that you apply a light, even layer to help prevent this. The Yves Saint Laurent Eye Glass Smudger will add the wet shine to the shadow with a non sticky texture.

Lips: For the lips, I kept for the light look using a my favorite lip balm and adding some highlighter in the center of the lip for an added glow. Keep the face clean and glowy by simply adding a little blush and highlight. This look is perfect for a fun, playful date with your long time sweetheart, it enhances your natural beauty that they already love.