3 Face Masks to Try For That Summer Glow

June 18th, 2017 at 2:00am

True confession: I am a face mask addict. I love putting on a mask and relaxing in front of the TV. I find it to be the perfect way to de-stress after a long day. Because Sephora is my favorite store, I buy all of my masks from there. This week, I decided to try three new masks to see how they compare to my holy grail mask: Sephora Collection Face Mask in Green Tea. I use two other masks from the same collection in Pearl and in Avocado. The Green Tea mask is my personal favorite because it makes my face look very matte. The application process is easy and the mess is minimum. But I wanted to see how these other products stack up. So check out my thoughts below!

Fresh Rose Face Mask ($25) The application process is messy, but worth it. If you suffer from mild redness like me, this product can help reduce irritation. After one use my cheeks looked less red and more peachy. The mask is cool to the touch, which makes it surprisingly relaxing. You only need one damp paper towel for the clean-up process. My only complaint is that the product becomes mostly sheer when you apply it. I would have loved to see the color from the jar all over my face.

Would I use this mask again? Yes.
Better than the Green Tea Mask? Not quite, but a good substitute.

Sephora Collection Face Mask in Lotus ($6) Wednesday night seemed like a perfect night to put on a sheet mask. I decided to try a different one from the Sephora Collection called Lotus. During the middle of the week, not everyone looks well rested; however, users of Lotus will. For me, the mask worked pretty well. I noticed that after just one use my eyes were not as puffy and my skin looked moisturized.

Would I use this mask again? Yes, I will add this mask into my product rotation.
Better than the Green Tea Mask? No.

Mask #3—Karuna Clarifying Face Mask ($8). This mask is a regular sheet mask. To be honest, I did not see any real difference in my skin after using this mask. Maybe that is because I don’t have acne prone skin, and this mask is mainly for acne. However, I feel like this mask would work for people who are currently suffering from a breakout. Also, my skin did look glowy the following day. Due to the glowy finish, I would recommend this mask to anyone who is a fan of a natural glowing makeup look.

Would I use again? Yes, but only under certain conditions.
Better than the Green Tea Mask? No.

Are you a face mask lover? If so, tell me about your favorite mask in the comments below!