3 Everyday Glam Looks That Are Equally Beautiful and Easy

There is no greater feeling than having your beauty routine down to a science to speed up your mornings. However, it can be fun to switch things up. No one wants their go-to to go stale.

While the “no makeup” makeup look has been popular for a while, lately we’re loving the resurgence of everyday, soft glam. Instead of trying to hide your makeup, try choosing one or two features to highlight each day. This can be simple to execute but makes a huge impact. It’s also a great way to play around with new products and tools that you have never used before. Maybe you’ll find that that bold brow or glossy lip is your new favorite go-to.

Keep reading for a step-by-step guide to creating three RAD everyday glam looks. Each look is simple and successfully highlights natural features in a way that is subtle enough for everyday wear.

Look One is all about flirty pink and glossy lips. It’s simple to achieve but packs a punch and it is perfect for just about every occasion! (Photo via @jordanflyley)

How To:

Step 1: This look starts with a matte base so the glossy lip can be the star of the look. First, prep your face with a matte face primer. This will help hold your makeup on all day and help give your skin a matte finish.

Step 2: Select a matte foundation. Preferably select one that helps control oils. This will ensure you don’t end up with unwanted shiny spots.

Step 3: Focus on finding the perfect shade of pink eyeshadow. Start of with a neutral base and blend out towards the brow bone with a light pink shade. For looks that focus on one color I like to use cream shadows. They are great for blending and are easily buildable for a stronger color.

Step 4: Brush on a soft peachy nude blush and don’t forget a dash on the tip of your nose!

Step 5: Swipe on a soft pink lipstick and then gloss it up! Lip gloss formula preferences are different for everyone so select one that is comfortable for you. Make sure to throw it in your bag so you can reapply throughout the day.


Look Two focuses on a bold eyebrow with a stand out matte lip. (Because two trends are better than one, right?)(Photo via @lovelyykelly)

How To:

Step 1: For this look you’ll want to select a more sheer coverage foundation. Try one with a glowing effect that naturally highlights your features.

Step 2: Brows, brows and more brows! Grab an eyebrow pencil that matches your specific coloring and start filling in. Keep it lighter towards the inside and darker towards the outside of the face. Start slowly and add as you go; you want to avoid overfilling.

Step 3: Keep the eyeshadow light and neutral. Sweep a light beige color over the lid and leave it there. We want the eyebrows and lips to be the star of this look.

Step 4: Add a little extra glow with some bronzer on the cheekbones and forehead. Use one that has some shimmer without being too glittery.

Step 5: Finally, finish off the look with a bold burnt red matte lip. This color is one of my all-time favorites and is perfect all year round.

Look 3 is a fun one. Who says a smokey eye can’t be an everyday thing? (Photo via @juliacazares)

How To

Step 1: This look needs a base that is a happy medium between full coverage matte and light coverage dewy. Try a foundation that is buildable so you can easily customize the amount of coverage.

Step 2: Start building those eyeshadows! Pack a darker shade onto the lids and don’t stop blending! Add in lighter shades as your go further up the lid and more towards the brow.

Step 3: Fill in your eyebrows to keep the boldness in the eye area. Try using something a little more dramatic like a brow gel.

Step 4: Add a quick brush of highlighter on the cheekbones, nose and cupids bow for a subtle glow.

Step 5: Finish it off with a neutral gloss. We want the look to be casual enough for everyday wear; however, you can easily transform this look into one perfect for a night out by swiping on a dark berry lip color.

Inspired for these makeup looks? I hope you are! Pick the one that stand out the most to you and give it a go. Never be afraid to switch up your habits or try something a little bolder than you’re used to. And don’t forget to show us your finished look on social media by tagging @CFashionista on Instagram!