3 Essential Products for Back to School Skincare

August 16th, 2017 at 2:00am

August is here, which means the end of summer is right around the corner and the new school year is about to start. For some, the thought of the new semester may cause stress and lead to breakouts. Don’t fret, there is a simple skin care solution: a face mask, moisturizer, sunscreen means great looking skin.

Everyone has different kinds of skin, some have oily skin, others have dry, and then there are those like myself who have super sensitive skin. There are a million different skincare products, but these are a few of my favorites.

Face masks are wondrous things, I don’t know how I ever lived without them. It is simple, too. Just spread it evenly on your face and leave on for 10-15 minutes or until it is dry. Then remove it with water and you will already feel the results. Your skin will feel soft and refreshed. There are so many masks to try so use the ones that will benefit your skin the most, and most importantly have fun with it! My favorite is the Philosophy Purity Pore Extractor.

Moisturizing is essential no matter what time of year it is. So to keep that summer glow when you are back at school, moisturize at least once day. I love to use the Rescue Balm by Estée Lauder. Your skin will look noticeably different and will be touchably soft. Don’t believe me, try it yourself! You will look good and feel even better.

Summer may be ending, but sunscreen is still essential. Whether you are going to the beach or simply just walking to class, your skin is still being exposed to UV rays. My advice would be to put on sunscreen like the Neutrogena Clear Face SPF 30 or use a moisturizer with SPF already in it before stepping in the sun. Your skin is a precious thing so take care of it.

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