3 Easy Ways to Style Your Favorite Shirt

3 Easy Ways to Style Your Favorite Shirt

I think we are all guilty of having that one favorite shirt that we basically wear every single day. As much as we love that shirt, it gets a little boring when you keep wearing it with the same pair of shorts. But don’t worry; with a little creativity, you can wear it all the time and people may not even notice it’s the same shirt! My favorite shirt is a simple off-the-shoulder crop top. Check out three ways I thought of to take your basic shirt to the next level.

During the summertime, your first thought may be to just pair your shirt with a pair of shorts. This look is super cute, but why not change it up? Going with one of this summer’s hottest trends, I chose to wear a jean skirt. I paired it with a simple pair of sandals. Skirts open up a whole new realm of possibilities. You could also dress it up and wear a more formal skirt with some heels for a whole new look!

Layering can completely change the look of a specific piece. I recently purchased a romper that has an open back and I wasn’t totally sure how to wear it. I realized that my favorite shirt fits right under it and even had the same colors as the romper! There are so many creative ways to layer a shirt. Whether it be under a romper like I did, under your favorite dress, or with a sweater, they will all give a whole new look to your shirt.

When the weather cools down a little, it may be time to put on some pants and a jacket. This doesn’t mean you can’t still wear your favorite shirt! I chose to wear some white pants to brighten up the outfit, then I layered a jean jacket over top. You could also layer your favorite cardigan or even a leather jacket to enhance the look. This is another outfit that you can wear multiple ways with clothes you already have in your closet.

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