3 Colors You Should Try If You Only Wear Black and White

If you’re anything like me, black and white are staples in your closet. They are your daily uniform in your anything but drab life.  To others, it seems somber and unexciting, but let me tell you, when you find that perfect pair of white linen pants to go with that flirty black top you’ve been dying to wear, no outfit can make you feel inferior.  But what’s a girl to do when her beloved black and white ensembles don’t fit the occasion? Well Fashionistas, that’s what I’m here to help you with.


Navy will always be my favourite black alternative.  It’s a very versatile color but also gives just the right amount of depth and interest without looking too flat.  It’s one of the closest colors to black so you still get the elegance factor of the dark hue but will keep you a little cooler in the spring and summer months!  As pictured above, a navy jumpsuit is the perfect addition to every brunch-loving Fashionista’s closet! Mimosa, anyone?


Bright colors tend to scare me off so this next color is an excellent pink alternative.  Pastel pinks have been a major trend this year, but if you aren’t into that type of intensity, Quarry is your best bet!  Quarry can be described as a washed out, pastel pink with a gray undertone.  It is very light and pairs greatly with all the other lovely white and black pieces you already have.  Personally, I love styling this knitted top with a crisp pair of white shorts or pants to really capture the true tone of the color while also keeping it light and clean.


Gray has become so popular amongst home design experts, so it’s only natural that it’s peaked its head in the fashion world.  This all-round shade has made its way into my closet a few times now and it’s starting to become one of my favourite staple shades (especially in this blouse).  Because of its variety of intensities and undertones, anyone can find the perfect gray to complement their style.

Do you have a color suggestion for all of us committed black and white Fashionistas? Comment below!