3 Acrylic Paint DIYs That are Perfect for a Homey Space

Whether you are moving into a dorm, a new apartment, or re-doing your current space, your focus should be creating a space that feels homey. There are many ways to achieve a homey vibe, and they all depend on your individual style. However, one thing that everyone wants is affordability. These DIY projects are not only affordable, but they are also perfect for sprucing up your space, and they all use acrylic paints!

1—Canvas Wall Art. Do you ever look at famous works of art and wonder how you can create something similar? Well, now you can make your own artwork using just a few materials and a fun, poured paint technique. You will need acrylic paint, rubbing alcohol, and a canvas. Once you have your canvas and your paints, all you have to do is thin the paint using the alcohol and pour! As a result of using the alcohol, the paint will get thin and be easy to move around the canvas.

2—Letter Wall Art. Having your initials plastered all over your walls may be a staple for college dorm living, but it will never go out of style. Nothing says homey like having a decorated letter hanging over your headboard. All you will need is the letter to decorate, acrylic paints, and whatever other items you choose to add to your design. This DIY is super cheap yet still super cute. You can find these letters at the dollar store, any craft store, or you can repurpose a letter you already have in your home!

3—Decorative Mason Jar. You may have been looking for a decorative piece, but haven’t had luck finding anything cute and affordable. Well, look no further. This multipurpose mason jar is perfect for any kind of space. All you will need is the jar itself, acrylic paint, and any other items you choose to add to spice up your jar.

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