2 Simple Reasons Why You Should Never Delete Photos

2 Simple Reasons Why You Should Never Delete Photos

Whether it be after a break up or after you get that fifth “iCloud storage is full” notification in a row, at some point in your life you will find yourself mass deleting old pictures off of your camera roll and social media feeds. Of course, deleting old screenshots of study guides from last semester’s calculus class seems rational; however, when it comes to certain pictures, we must learn to let them be. But why?

1—It shows growth. There are many times in life where we feel like we haven’t changed. We feel like we’re in a constant cycle of repeating events; for example, let’s say you feel as if you’ll never find someone, that one soulmate that everyone seems to have. Where’s yours? Suddenly, while scrolling through Instagram on your laptop you remember that just five months ago you were with someone you thought you loved. Who knows what could happen in another five months from now? Life constantly changes, and sometimes we don’t realize it until we have tangible photo evidence to serve as “receipts.”

2—It’s fun to look back on. I’ve always wanted to become a YouTube vlogger for the mere reason that I get to document any given day in real time. To be able to look back on what you did specifically on May 25, 2016 is incredible to me, but then it hit me: pictures do the same thing. That’s why I love Polaroids. It’s so easy to delete photos off of a phone, but throwing away an actual photograph makes it a whole lot harder. Imagine how insane it’d be if our parents had easy access to deleting old family photos just because they hated the way they looked in it? We’re all guilty of it. If we don’t like the way we look in a photo, we delete it. Simple as that. However, one day you will want to look back at that moment and remember that exact time in your life. Do yourself a favor and keep even the unflattering photos; they’ll come in handy for reviving some old memories and for some great screenshot print outs for your new birthday card made by your BFF (are you really best friends if they don’t have unflattering photos printed of you on every birthday card?)

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