18 Adventures To Add To Your Ultimate Best Friend Bucket List

With the weather heating up and summer just around the corner, it’s time to shed our winter coats and prepare for a season of exploration with our very best friends. They are the only people who seem to understand us so naturally we would want to spend some quality time with our best buds making awesome memories and taking cool photos.

Unsure of what you and your gang should be doing this year? Well, the CollegeFashionista Team has you covered with some ideas for your own ultimate best friend bucket list.

Check out the 18 activities we have planned to do with our pals this year:

1 – Fountain Wishing: Just like in the scene in “The Lizzie McGuire Movie,” make a wish with your best friend by tossing a coin into a fountain.

2 –Stargaze: If you are like me and live in a big city, you probably haven’t seen a star in a pretty long time. Grab your pals and some snacks, for a drive to the outskirts of the city to take some time to appreciate the twinkling skies.

3 – Photo Tradition: Create a photo tradition with your best friends so that at least once a year the whole group gets together to recreate that image.

4 – Build-A-Bear: Feel like a kid again and go to Build-A-Bear with your favorite people. Although the bear will be adorable, the memories that will be attached to the bear will make it all the more special.

5 – Catch Flights: Book a random plane ticket with your best friend to a place neither of you have been to. Exploring new areas will be an exhilarating rush.

TIP: There are websites that can help you generate random flight locations. Kayak Explore is a great tool to do this because it allows you to set filters like price so that you can find a flight within your price range.

6 – Rent A Cabin:  Escape the buzz of the world to a cute cabin in the woods. Ditch the phones for quality best friend time and board games.

7 – Road Trip: With great tunes blaring in the radio and good company, road trip to the coast opposite of where you are from. The change of scenery can be the perfect boost you all need to re-energize everyone.

8 – The Zoo: Have you ever wanted to feed a giraffe or feed birds? Head to the zoo for a unique experience with your best friend exploring and learning about animals from all over the world.

9 – Mopeds: There is no better way to experience Europe than on a moped. Grab your best friends and helmets to head out on an adventure of a lifetime.

10 – Lantern Fest: Book a ticket to attend the Lantern Fest in the city closet to you and your pals. The beautiful  colors and lights will definitely be a sight to remember.

11 – Time Capsule: Create a time capsule with your best friends that includes tickets from events you all went to or even awesome photos of you guys. Set a date to unlock the time capsule and see what memories you tucked away in the box.

12 – SnackCrate: If you can’t travel the world bring the world’s snacks to you through SnackCrate. You can choose what country’s snacks you want to try with your best friend and have a taste test.

13 – Binge Netflix and Bake Party: Choose a favorite series and hit play. While the show streams on the television, grab your best friends and head to the kitchen to bake delicious treats to eat while you watch.

14 – Step and Repeat: Get dressed up and head to an event locally in your town, like a movie screening or big music event, and take photos in front of a step and repeat.

15 – Matchy-Matchy: Head to your nearest mall with your best friend to pick up matching outfits. It’s completely silly and the stares you will more than likely get will bring you laughs for a lifetime.

16 – Grape Stomping:  Spend the day with your friends at a local winery grape stomping under the sun.

17 – Flamenco Dance: Grab your best friend and flamenco dance through the streets of Spain (or across your dorm room floor).

18 –  The Aquarium: Make a date with your best friend to spend a day at the aquarium. Who doesn’t love seeing the beautiful fish swimming along?

What adventures are on your best friend bucket list? Share it with us in the comments below!