10 On-Trend Vintage Styles You Can Totally Steal From Your Parent's Closet

I’ve always had a knack for raiding my mom’s closet and “borrowing” some of her old clothes (and I can’t be the only one right?) Something about that old varsity jacket and extra high-waisted Levi’s throws me back to a world of fashion that I have always longed to be a part of. Lucky for me, the trends of the past are making its way back to present time and Fashioniosta/os all over the world are marching into thrift stores hoping to get the latest in vintage fashion.

Perfect for the transition from winter to spring, these vintage styles are more than just an illustration of the past—they’ve now become a closet staple. Not really sure how to pull off the vintage style? From mom jeans to loafers and everything in between, check out how our fabulous Style Gurus are incorporating vintage into their own outfits.

Culottes: My personal favorite, culottes are an easy way to make your winter outfit look a bit more appropriate for spring! You can always add a pair of tights under if it’s still too chilly where you live. (Photo via @bluejeanbrdy)

Patent Leather: The best way to wear this daring vintage style is by making it, well, more daring. Case-in-point: these ultra cool red boots. (Photo via @howellmadeleine)

Flare Jeans: Disco your way into the new month by sporting a pair of flare jeans. Be sure to wear a tighter top to balance the look. (Photo via @wenndy_t)

Shearling Collar: A unique addition to a closet staple (a.k.a. the denim jacket). An alternative to the fleece can be faux-fur! (Photo via @kathyrnsaylor098)

Band T-shirt: A great opportunity to DIY. Cut the sleeves, distress the bottom, add studs…the world is your oyster. (Photo via @lilwillogie)

Suede: This is often seen on jackets and high-waisted skirts. Just be careful not to get it dirty as it’s a more difficult fabric to clean! (Photo via @airiellemarie)

Windbreakers: A more vintage version of windbreakers will include a variety of colors. I’d recommend double checking your dad’s closet before heading out to buy your own. (Photo via @tay_jones_)

The Classic Mom Jeans: A no-brainer in terms of trendiness, these jeans look great paired with a nice buckle belt. (Photo via @katiecartwrites)

Loafers: Designer brands like Steve Madden and Gucci have recreated this style to include slip-ons. Great for those running late to class! (Photo via @cailynceleste)

Aviator Frames: Instead of your typical black lenses, these frames now offer a a range of rainbow of tints you can choose from. (Photo via @cammiebradshaw)

What are your favorite timeless vintage styles? Let us know in the comments below!