10 Makeup Products You Need This Summer

Summer is finally here, which means goodbye to bulky layers of clothing, and hello to crop tops and cut-offs! This season always brings along a sense of ease with fashion, but that shouldn’t just stop at your body; your makeup routine needs an overhaul, too! Here are the 10 makeup items you need this summer to look sweltering hot (minus the melting).





   1. Primer. The first step when applying makeup is to use a good primer. Using a priming spray, such as the Smashbox Primer Water ($32) easily ensures that your makeup will last all day.

   2. Lightweight Foundation. No one wants to feel like their face is being weighed down with a ton of makeup, especially in the summer. For an even yet natural complexion, stick to using a lightweight foundation to balance out the skin’s tone (bonus points if it has SPF).

   3. Concealer. From brightening dark circles to covering blemishes, concealer can help fake a flawless complexion. A matte concealer will help keep any added oil at bay.

   4. Setting Powder. Lightly dust this over makeup to minimize transfer. A translucent powder will help to avoid using the wrong color since it goes on clear.



   5. Bronzer. Bronzers help to add warmth and structure back to the skin, and one with a cool undertone will prevent you from appearing orange. Apply a bronzer like the Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer ($29) lightly below the cheekbones and on the outer portions of the face for a sunkissed look.

   6. Highlighter. Applying highlighter to the areas where the sun naturally hits will add a freshness back into your face. Use this lightly for a natural radiance, or apply heavily for a glazed finish. Either way, you’re guaranteed to look amazing!





   7. Brow Pomade. An eyebrow pomade allows for you to fill in your eyebrows without the worry of them rubbing off throughout the day. Using a pomade like the NYX Tame & Frame Brow Pomade ($7) will give your eyebrows a natural fullness that’s waterproof for days lounging around the pool.

   8. Water-Resistant Mascara. These types of mascaras are great because they won’t smudge or smear throughout the day, but they aren’t as hard to take off as waterproof.  My favorite is the Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Mascara ($24) which provides long-lasting length and volume to the lashes for a falsie effect.

   9. Bright Lip Color. You can never go wrong with a bold lip! Wearing a bright lip color will definitely put you in the mood for some summer fun. Trade in lipstick for a boldly tinted gloss for subtler look.




   10. Setting Spray – Setting spray is like a well-fitted bra; both help to hold everything in place. Use this to finish off your makeup routine so that you can go out into the world and enjoy the summer sun, carefree!


Which makeup products do you swear by for the summer? Let me know in the comments down below!