WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Break

What to Wear

Maybe it’s because you’re showing off your Christmas gifts, or maybe it’s because you’re flaunting your latest finds from the chic boutique off campus, but winter break fashion is hot and foreshadows some of the most popular trends for spring. This break I’ve seen spikes, hats, leather, cutouts, graphic tees and an exorbitant amount of patterns.  Whether you’re hitting up the town or going out for dinner with your old group of girlfriends, it’s vital to show that you still got it—and what better way to do that than hit up some high fashion?

When seeing the people you haven’t interacted with in months, like that girl who stole your boyfriend or your BFF who fell off the face of the earth, you want to look, well, good. Like StyleMint’s advice for the week, “Dress like you’re going to meet your worst enemy today,” this should be applied each and every time you go to meet your old besties or party with your high school ex from the town over. Riskiness is key when dealing with the ghosts of your past. Your goal is to “wow” them and make them wish they never broke your heart or left you out in the days of braces and Friday night lights. One way to do this is by layering. On this Fashionista you see the use of a blazer on top of a graphic top from Urban Outfitters and a Juicy Couture rhinestone collar to decorate the neck. A different approach to layering is the use of tights and a vest, two very popular trends this break. Another way to catch the eye of your old clique is by putting on a fabulous pair of shoes. Rocking some spiky Jeffrey Campbell heels, this Fashionista draws attention by confidently strutting around town showing off her post-holiday glow and new collegiate wardrobe. Finally, statement jewelry is huge to capture the full “Hi, I’m back and better than ever” winter break look. The use of standout pieces can make any outfit interesting and trendy by either adding more texture or color.

Whatever the occasion, winter break fashion is high-end and fabulous. It’s the time of year when everyone is back together for the first time since the start of college and want to put their best foot forward—fashionably. There’s no better way to do it than by sporting some of your holiday gifts or unique finds from school!

One Simple Change: This Fashionista’s outfit can go from a night out to dinner date by lowering the heel height to booties or combat boots. Removing the blazer dresses down the outfit, making it more versatile for different occasions.


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