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What to Wear

The idea of exploring any city is thrilling, but traveling and exploring New York City is, by far, the most thrilling. New York City, without a doubt, is home to some of the most stylish Fashionistas. No two people dress alike in the city that never sleeps, and that’s what makes it a hot-spot for people watching. While I was participating in the extreme sport of people watching, the Fashionista featured just so happened to walk by. The art of picking out the perfect outfit for a day or even a weekend in the city is difficult, but it appears as though she had no problems at all.

It is clear that this Fashionista’s outfit is on point solely based off of her shoe choice. Walking around the city for hours can be exhausting and tire out your feet, but with the help of a pair of comfortable shoes like her Keds, there’s nothing that can hold you back. Sometimes a pair of Keds has the ability to dress down an outfit and make it look less appealing, but this trendy chick takes them to the next level by pairing them with a pair of boyfriend jeans. Nothing screams comfort meets style more than a pair of boyfriend jeans.

Another aspect of this Fashionista’s outfit that I really enjoyed was her crewneck top because who doesn’t love Vampire Weekend? Printed tops like this help to tie the outfit together and also displays your appreciation for good music. Simplicity at its finest is displayed through her choice in watch. This white-faced watch is a sure sign that this trendsetter knew what she was doing with her outfit.

One Simple Change: One way to spice things up is by pairing this outfit with a pair of black leather booties. A pair of shoes like these can take you from a day of wandering the city to hitting a casual bar for a night out on the town with friends.


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